The art of Axel Miret, Gallery 1

Gallery 1 -  meditative work

There are two broad categories in my work: a meditative style, often using some colour, and a darker, sometimes gothic style, usually in black and white.
Examples of the former are in Galleries 1 and 3; examples of the latter are in Galleries 2 and 4.

You are in Gallery 1.

Reflective, sometimes mystical, this is the 'work of the afternoon'. It is an attempt to reach the timeless, to be in touch with a moment of eternity. There is a sense of calm and healing in the work.

Enquiries regarding commissions are welcome.
The Gathering
Oil on canvas
80 x 80cm
Angel (II)
20 x 15cm
Pastel and rubber on paper
15 x 20cm
24 x 30cm
Pastel on paper
15 x 20cm
65 x 32cm
Figure in a field
Pastel on paper
33 x 33cm
Atmosphere (I)
Charcoal on paper
32 x 25cm
Untitled (II)
14 x 11cm
Axel Miret Y Alsina. Calle Santo Domingo no 2, 29313 Villanueva del Trabucco, Malaga - Andalucia, Spain.
On cloud 9
Oil on canvas
50 x 95cm
Angel III
Oil on canvas
85 x 85cm
Famine, the Island III
30 x 21cm
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